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Younger Brother Still Waiting for Share of Roblox

CLARKDALE, Ariz. — Casey Danner has reportedly been awaiting his share of Roblox from older brother Mark since the IPO in March, sources indicate.

“Mom bought Roblox for both of us but Mark has been holding this whole time,” Danner cry-shouted. “It’s not fair. He said he’d give me my share, but I just know he’s gonna wait until the initial IPO glow wears off and the value plummets. He’s so mean!”

Danner’s mother Linda tried to put things in perspective though her children refused to hear reason.

“They don’t really get how the market works, even if Casey gets his share, what’s he gonna make, a few dollars? It’s really not a big deal,” she tiredly stated, barely able to stay awake. “He’s just been nagging and nagging for a share, so finally I gave up and got some Roblox, but I guess Mark is hogging it. I don’t know anymore, who cares, eventually he’ll grow out of it… unless he just moves onto IKEA stock to recapture his childhood in an adult context? Uh oh!”

Roblox CEO David Baszucki even weighed in on the situation stating he had high hopes for shares of Roblox.

“I think people can pool money together and really build something with it,” he said of the stock. “Little Danner will eventually get his share, and then he’ll never wanna give it up, he’ll just want more to build his portfolio, just like his older brother did.”

Mark eventually did let his brother have a share of Roblox, only after hearing Lego might soon IPO, commenting, “The Roblox will distract him so he doesn’t want a share of my LEGO!”